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«Les Aventures de Mike & Elisa »

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Sounds familiar?

It’s normal and it’s something that happened to many of my students.

A friend of mine came to visit me in France for a weekend

Between us, we spoke French all the time because he had a very good level.

But when he arrived in
France, he was shocked 😱

He tried to order a coffee at the restaurant but couldn't understand anything the waiter told him.


Because in real life people speak faster.

They use idioms, they use words and expressions that are not taught in French courses.

As a non-native speaker, of course, you can’t understand.

And it’s not your fault.

These are expressions that you can only learn when you are in immersion in the country.

So I asked myself the following question:

How do we change that without being immersed in France?

Last time, I was having a coffee with my friend Loïc Suberville and told him about this HUGE problem that students are facing.

The problem is not that you don’t understand them, but that your hearing is not used to it.

Meaning that, when you’ll be in France, you’ll need a month to perfectly understand what French people are saying.

But we don’t all have time or the opportunity to travel to learn a language.

That’s when Loïc came up with an AMAZING idea ✨

We're taking you to France with us, so that you can start understanding real-world words even if French people speak very fast.

Elisa from French Mornings sitting at a cafè, outside, in France
Very well organized and presented. I liked the use of French slang, which is not taught much in other online courses.
I found the audio files increasingly more challenging, which kept up my interest. I could understand a lot by context clues.
It definitely helped my comprehension skills, but it also made me realize how much further I have to go.

Jeff 🇺🇸


The Course

That's why we created ‍‍
Les Aventures de Mike et Elisa

(1600+ happy French learners)


Transforming your listening skills and being able to understand native French speaking at a natural pace in 30 days.


Improve your listening skills today !

I learned a lot of colloquial terms. I find it REALLY valuable to hear authentic dialogues. And I loved all the characters.
I can't wait for their next adventure!

Corie 🇺🇸


It’s time for you to

Understand every single word of french speaker

Be super confident when going to France and meeting people

Communicate in French like a native

Because when you learn a language, the goal is to be able to speak it on a daily basis.

It’s true that in French, there are expressions that you can only learn when you are immersed in the country.

And that’s what stands out with this course.

You will be in real life situations.

You will be in France from your home.

You will learn how to understand real French.

But most of all, you will be learning French while having fun.

With a story and different characters.

You will be in complete immersion.

After 30 days, you will be able to understand and communicate in French even if they speak at lightning speed!

How will we do it?

Embark with Mike and Elisa on a crazy French roadtrip! C’est parti ! 🚗  🇫🇷

This course is a fun listening challenge.
Over the course of 30 audio lessons, you will follow the adventures of Mike and Elisa.

The story

Mike is an American tourist who is very excited to discover France. Unfortunately, on the first day of his trip, an incident will change the course of events. Lucky for him, he meets Elisa. Together, they embark on a crazy journey to try to catch the man who stole from Mike.

The journey

Part 01: A Bad Encounter in Paris

It is Mike’s first time in France! He has to navigate the usual situations when arriving in a new country: going through the airport, finding a taxi, and locating his hotel. However, things take a bad turn when he makes a bad encounter.

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify the common French greetings
  • Strengthen your conjugation skills
  • Master the “travelling” vocabulary

Part 02: Investigation in Lyon

As Mike and Elisa pursue their investigation, they also experience the French art de vivre. Since Lyon is known as the gastronomic capital of France, it is the ideal location to enjoy a French breakfast, visit some of the finest restaurants in Lyon, and explore the city's parks.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn about the French cuisine culture
  • Get familiar with different French accents and voices
  • Understand conversations between three or more people

Part 03: Final Stop: Toulouse

The stakes are high in Toulouse as our main characters have to face some dangerous situations that eventually lead them to… the police station! As they navigate through these challenges, they also discover the unique culture and lifestyle of Toulouse.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn some French slang
  • Identify some commons mistakes in French
  • Discover the true French lifestyle

Part 04: Back in Paris

After their thrilling adventures, it is time to return home. Before departing, one last visit to Paris is in order to savour its beauty and charm.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn some common French phrases
  • Develop your conjugation skills
  • Understand the difference between formal French and common French

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